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(Ron Nicol Plays)

‘emotionally gripping’ (Amateur Stage)


For adult groups : 3m 2f  can play 3m 6f 4m/f with doubling and trebling: John, Ellen, GP, Head Teacher, Doctor, Old Woman, Nurse, Second Nurse, John’s Father-in-law, Patient, Man in Wheelchair, John’s Mother, Jane

Many characters can be male or female as dictated by availability when casting, and more nurses and/or patients may be included. The GP, Old Woman, Nurse, John’s Mother and Jane can be played by one f, and the Head Teacher, John’s Father-in-law, Male Nurse, Patient and Man in Wheelchair by one m, although as many performers as you wish may be cast.


John suspects that people are plotting against him. His GP diagnoses him as schizophrenic. A highly intelligent man, John analyses his illness and the treatment he's enduring and 'knows' there's nothing wrong with him. His encounters in hospital with the doctor who seems baffled by his illness become incresingly fraught, his relationship with his wife Ellen disintegrates and their marraige breaks down. This tubulent life ends in the only possible release from his pain - his death.  A drama based on actual events and told in 'John' and 'Ellen's' own words.


‘a chilling study of schizophrenia’ (Traverse Theatre)

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(Ron Nicol Plays)

“Going Home” was Runner-Up in the Open section of the Scottish Community Drama Association’s Play on Words 2002 playwriting competition.

‘ a fine piece of theatre’ (Amateur Stage) ‘gripping and moving’ (Glanmire Macra at the Macra na Feirme All-Ireland Final)


For adult groups : 4m 5f - Jack, Mr Doyle, Helen, Janet, Sharon, Craig, Leanne, Tracey, Darren


It's the end of the college term and all Mr Mac wants to do is go home. Then his department head demands he consider early retirement, a colleague asks him to alter examination results, he misunderstands the motives of one of his students, and is assaulted in his classroom - with disastrous consequences.


*Festival Awards* - Glanmire Macra - 2008 Macra na Feirme Cork Festval Winners; 2008 Macra na Feirme All Ireland Semi-Final Winners, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress; 2008 Macra na Feirme All Ireland Finalists.

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(Samuel French Ltd)

"a beautifully written poignant drama with ideal festival potential" (SCDA Scene)

For adult groups : 3f - Primrose, Mother, Young Primrose : 1m - non-speaking optional

Primrose Way is an aging bag lady, once a professional actress. She reminisces about her enthusiastic youthful self and retraces her career in the theatre, remembering her ambitious mother, herself a professional actress, who delights in playing a number of other characters who drift through Primrose's recollections. An ideal festival play for three women of varying ages.

*Festival Awards* - McGavin Drama Club - 2013 Ayrshire District Second Place & Best Lighting. Tudor Players - 2013 Sheffield & District Theatre Association Festival Second Place, Best Actress, Most Promising Under 21 Performance plus nominations for Best Actress and Best Director. Sedgefield Players - 2014 Sedgefield Festival Best Production, Best Director, Best Actress plus nominations for Best Actress, Best U21 Actress, Best Costume, Best Set and Most Effective 30 Seconds. Runnymede Drama Group - 2016 AETF Elmbridge Festival Runners-Up and Best Actress; 2016 Leatherhead Festival Winners and Best Director, plus a nomination and a special mention for Best Actress. 88 Theatre - 2017 SCDA Stewartry District First Place, Highest Production Marks, Best Stage Presentation and Audience Choice trophies; 2017 SCDA Western Divisional Final Second Place.

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(Spotlight Publications)

"a dark tale of a man pushed to the edge" (Edinburgh Evening News)

For adult groups : 3m 3f 1m/f - Alec, Jonah, Janet, MIke, Senga, Jez, Adviser, Client. Alec (m) can be Alex (f)

Jonah feels that life is treating him harshly and decides to speak out. He acquires a gun and makes a stand in his local Jobcentre, hoping to attract attention and somehow turn his life around. His attempt is a total disaster, confirming that Jonah is condemned to be one of life's perpetual losers.

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