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Suitable for youth, adult or mixed-age production.

When Burd Ellen mysteriously disappears, her brother Rowland consults the wizard Merlin, who suspects that Ellen has been spirited away by Elves. Rowland sets out on a perilous - and hilarious - journey to the Dark Tower to rescue his sister. Aftera series of very odd encounters in the Land of Faery, Rowland comes face to face with the awesome King of Elfland. Needless to say, Rowland saves the day - he is the hero after all.

'fantasy, frivolity and family fun' (Fife Today)

Comedy. Large mixed cast - youth, adult or mixed-age - doubling, trebling and quadrupling possible:- Stage Manager, Stage Crew, Merlin, Rowland, Burd Ellen, Guinevere, Sir Chancelot, Sir Dancelot, Sir Prancelot, Turvey, Topsy, Gorm, Glum, Elfin King, Herdsman, Cowherd, Shepherd, Sheepdog, Swineherd, Henwife, Cockerel, Burd Ellen's Shadow, Knights, Courtiers, Elves, Horses, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Hens.

'The Spiriting of Burd Ellen', a one-act version of this play, is also available from Stagescripts Ltd. 


Stagescripts Ltd.

Suitable for youth, adult or mixed-age production.

When Prince Wilfrid falls in love with bold and clever Molly Whuppie, King Walter has better things in mind for his son. He challenges Molly to steal the Ogre's sword, purse and ring of power, hoping she'll become the Ogre's favourite meal - little girlie grilled on toast! All ends happily of course - except for the Ogre!

Comedy. Large mixed cast - youth, adult or mixed-age:- Molly, Mavis, Maisie, Olga, The Ogre's Wife, Granny Ogre, the Ogre, Prince Wilfrid, King Walter, Balderdash, Cuthbert, Queen Wilhelmina, the Queen Mother, Lady-in-Waiting, Courtiers.

"Molly Whuppie and the Double-Faced Ogre", a one-act version of this play, is also available from Stagescripts Ltd.


Samuel French

165 productions in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and Hong Kong

Large mixed cast : doubling and trebling possible.

Suitable for youth, adult or mixed-age production.

"enchanted the young and young-at-heart alike … this magical production takes you on a heartfelt frozen adventure ... filled with fun characters and great laughs” (SVC News, California) “An endearing, heartfelt story … a fun and zany adventure … a wonderful play about never giving up and the power of friendship” (Along Comes Mary) “Filled with heart, adventure and laughter ... sure to charm younger and older audiences alike” (Santa Clarita Guide) “A great show for kids and grandkids, full of adventure and laughter for everyone!” (Santa Clarita Magazine) "our audiences were entranced..." (Ottershaw Players); "a magical dramatisation" (Stourbridge News); "a new and exciting version of the classic fairy tale" (Chads Theatre); "a delight for family audiences" (Scene One); "spellbinding" (Lowestoft Journal); "magic ... really captivated the audience" (Highbury Players); "sell out audiences" (Everyman Theatre); "a fairy-tale treat" (Arts Archive); "really cool" (Huntingdon Youth Theatre)

(An abridged one-act version is now available)

'De Sneeuwkoningin', a Dutch translation, is published by Toneeluitgeverij Vink in the Netherlands.
"The Snow Queen" was Samuel French's Play of the Week 30 January 2014


(Stagescripts Ltd.)

Adult Drama : 4f 1m 1m(n/s) - Fay, Hester, Carrie, Giles, Roberta, Father

The Dunstans meet for a rare family reunion at the request of their father, now aged 80. During a an afternoon fraught with accusations, arguments, regrets and recriminations they look back on their childhood, reveal their best-kept secrets, confront their failures and deal with their father’s unexpected and suspicious death.

(Formerly published by Silvermoon Publishing - now dissolved)

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