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Ron Nicol Plays

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Samuel French

(Concord Theatricals)

Primrose Way     The Snow Queen     The Snow Queen (abridged)     Beware the Jabberwock


Stagescripts Ltd

One Act Dramas

Accident of Circumstance     Going Home     Sisters and Their Secrets     Waiting For The Whale

One Act Comedies

A Bird in the Bush     Chairs     Flushed     Flushed Again

Beggar Your Neighbour     Murder at the Cathedral

Nearly All At Sea     Nearly Pulls It Off      Nearly Up A Gum Tree     Nearly Up The Pole

Pig Tale     Scoundrels and Stratagems     Three’s a Crowd     Thicker Than Water

Too Many Brides for Dracula     Two Bodies and a Bottle of Sauce     Wolf Tale 

One Act Fantasy Comedies

Molly Whuppie and the Double-Faced Ogre     The Spiriting of Burd Ellen

One Act Dramas (Young Casts):

Best of Enemies     The Edge     Friends and Neighbours

One Act Sherlock Holmes Dramas

The Man Who Collected Women     The Mazarin Stone

One Act Charles Dickens Adaptations:

 A Christmas Carol     The Chimes    The Cricket on the Hearth

Full length Drama

Splits in the Skin

Full length Comedies

Childe Rowland     Molly Whuppie

Full length Plays:

A Christmas Carol


Aladdin     Ali Baba and the Seven Thieves     Beauty and the Beast     Cinderella     Dick Whittington

Hansel and Gretel     Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood     The Sleeping Beauty     Snow White


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