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Ron Nicol Plays


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"Ron Nicol is a long respected playwright and has written many excellent one act plays for amateur companies. I sit with bated breath for a new pantomime from this prolific and great comedic writer..." (Charles Vance, Amateur Stage)

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"exhilarating" (Glenrothes Gazette) 

A fun-filled version of the well-loved tale. Aladdin falls in love with Princess Badroulboudour, the Sultana of China's daughter, but as  the son of Widow Twankey, a poor washerwoman, his dreams seem hopeless. Then he meets Abanazer, who asks him to obtain a lamp from a subterranean cavern, but leaves him trapped underground. Aladdin discovers the power of the lamp, escapes, acquires great wealth, and marries the princess - but Abanazer returns and carries the lamp and the Princess off to Africa. All ends happily, of course.

Characters: Wishee Washee, Widow Twankey, Aladdin, Vizier Ho Hum, Sultana of China, Princess Badroulboudour, Abanazer, See Yu, Hu Mee, Mee Tu, So Shy, Executioner Hi Ho, Genie of the Lamp, Slave of the Ring, Nelly the Elephant plus Courtiers and Slaves. (See Yu, Hu Mee & Mee Tu appear in Act I only, while the Genie, the Slave & Nelly the Elephant appear in Act II only, so doubling of these characters is possible)


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"... a refreshing update ... a great pantomimic plot. The number of thieves has somehow shrunk from 40 to 7! We are confident this will make the production more accessible to smaller companies who would have had casting problems. This version of Ali Baba should prove popular fare..." (Amateur Stage)

Faithful to the original story, but fresh and fun-filled. Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, and his son Hassan discover the robbers' treasure cave. Ali's brother Kassim learns the secret, but creates trouble for himself when he is caught by the gang. They both escape, but the Thieves want revenge.

Characters: Ali Baba, Hassan, Morgiana, Kassim, Fatima, Karioki, Chief Thief, Hanki, Panki, Kitty, Will, Jilly, Dilly, Wally plus Villagers and Guests.

"a fabulous show ... the audiences booed and cheered and raved" (Theatre Arts Guild, Halifax, Nova Scotia)


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"The indefatigable Ron Nicol has done it again ... this latest offering is a real pantomime cracker. As ever, he is punctilious in his service to the producers of his pantomime by giving production notes and suggestions for the musical content." (Amateur Stage)

Based on Madame Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont's 18th Century version of the traditional story. Belle's father has fallen on hard times, and on a journey to try to restore his fortunes he plucks a rose from a palace garden as a present for his daughter. The palace belongs to an ugly Beast who demands a life in return for the rose, but Belle saves her father's life by consenting to live in Beast's palace. When she eventually falls in love with Beast, he is released from a magic spell and turns into a handsome prince.

Characters: Rosella, Clementina, Nectarina, Gabrielle, Belle, Maleva, Monsieur Villeneuve, Claude, Hermione, Hortense, Beast plus optional extras including 3 sons, servants, faceless watchers.


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The traditional favourite. Cinderella is the drudge of the household while her domineering step-mother Countess Verucca and step-sisters Hysteria and Amnesia have all the fun. Then Cinderella's Fairy Godmother helps her to go to a masked ball, where the Prince falls in love with her. Despite frantic attempts by the Veruccas to prevent the Prince finding out who the masked lady is, love eventually triumphs - well, of course it does!

Characters: Buttons, Cinderella, Countess Verucca, Hysteria, Amnesia, Herald, King Bilious, Prince Charming, Dandini, Fairy Godmother, Lords, Ladies etc.


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"Queen Rat - a great role..." (Amateur Stage)

Dick Whittington arrives in London to seek his fortune, accompanied by his faithful Cat. He's employed by Alderman Fitzwarren and falls in love with his daughter Alice. He falls foul of Queen Rat Imperia, is wrongfully accused of theft, and leaves Fitzwarren's house in disgrace. Nothing daunted, he joins an expedition to the Barbary Coast.

Characters: Cat, Fairy Nuff, Imperia, Dick, Alice, Fitzwarren, Sarah, Jackie, Fester, Mildew, Fungus, Coracle, Mate, Ann Kerr, Sue Wester, C Weed, Sultan, Sultana, Overseer, Chief Rat, Citizens, Courtiers, Slaves, Rats (doubling and trebling possible)


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Malena tries to lose Hansel and Gretel in the forest, despite the protests of their father Hans, but her first attempt fails. She tries again, engaging incompetent duo Whibley and Wobbley to dispose of the children. Wicked witch Grizella captures them and puts Hansel in a cage. Gretel manages to trick Grizella, and she and Hansel escape. Thanks to the help of friendly forest birds the children eventually find their way home.

Characters: Fairy Sparkle, Fairy Twinkle, Fairy Twigg, Hansel, Gretel, Malena, Hans, Grizella, Maggie, Sparra, Burdie, Corbie, Whibley, Wobbley, the Big Bad Wolf, Wee Sheep, Wee Wolfie.


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When Robin is outlawed by the Sheriff of Nottingham he has to leave his beloved Maid Marian and flee to sherwood Forest. Meanwhile, Marian's guardian Baroness Stonybroke wants to get her hands on Jack and Jill's inheritance, and arranges for the children to be kidnapped. Robin has to come to the rescue of the babes and Marian, and with the help of his Merry Women he succeeds - of course. A fast-moving plot, a collection of memorable villains, and numerous roles for women.

Characters: Jack, Jill, Much, Maid Marian, Mistress Bunting, Robin Hood, Serjeant-at-Arms, Baroness Stonybroke, Grovel, Mugwump, Midge, Maggot, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Carrier, Girl, Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne, Little Joan, Sister Tuck, Jill Scarlett, Elaine-a-dale, The Beast of Sherwood, Attendants, Villagers, Men-at-Arms, etc (doubling possible)


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A fresh and fun-filled re-telling of the favourite story. Grizabella the Black Fairy doesn't get an invitation to Mirabel's christening and in revenge casts a spell so that on her sixteenth birthday the Princess will prick her finger and die. Thanks to Genevra's intervention Mirabel falls into a deep sleep instead. Nanny Bunion and Crumble the Old Retainer are sent out to find a Prince, who unknown to them is already on his way.

Characters: Mirabel, Queen Elinor, King Pelinor, Prime Minister, Nanny Bunion, Crumble, Grizabella, Genevra, General, Archbishop, Catflap, Lumpkin, Queen Ermintrude, Prince Marmaduke, The Ghost, Fairies, Messengers, Lords, Ladies etc (the Messengers and Fairies appear in Act 1 only, while Ermintrude and Marmaduke appear in Act 2 only, so some doubling is possible.)


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"hilarious characters, corny jokes, traditional routines, and plenty of audience participation" (Fife Today)

Politically correct pantomime with all the customary panto elements - a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, an evil step-mother, not one but two fairies, a magic mirror, bungling baddies and dotty dodderers, plus traditional gags and routines - but only three, well, you know who. A fun-filled version of the much-loved tale.

Characters: Fairy Snow, Dame Trott, Snow White, Dot, Carrie, Fairy Liquid, Queen Gertrude, Prince Charmian, Queen Griselda, King Griswold, The Spirit of the Mirror, Dairymaid, Tripp, The Beastie, Farmer, Buttercup, Cowslip, Daisy, Marigold, Bossy, Huffy, Dozy, Lords, Ladies etc. (Queen Gertrude, the Dairymaid, the Farmer, Buttercup, Cowslip, Daisy and Marigold appear in Act I only; Bossy, Huffy and Dozy in Act II only. Doubling possible.)

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