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"A fine play. This is surely one of the finest challenges to the talents of two teenage actors that I have read for some time." (Charles Vance, Amateur Stage)

A young man is on the roof of a high building, contemplating throwing himself over the edge. A young woman finds him there and initiates a conversation, but her readiness to slip into fantasies sounds a warning note. Eventually the young man leaves the roof - but the young woman is fixated with death and has a dark secret.

 Winner of the Youth Section of the 2006 Scottish Community Drama Association Play on Words competition. Alistair Cording, the judge, wrote "...a cleverly controlled situation, with grimly comic moments, about the saving of a would-be suicide - by a genuine suicide - a deeply serious, ultimately tragic tale of teenage angst versus genuine anguish"

"A rather devastating piece of writing" (Russell Whiteley, GoDA Festival Adjudicator)

*Festival Awards* - Dingwall Academy Drama Group - 2007 Moray Firth District Youth Winners, Highest Marks in Acting. Abbey Youth Drama Group - 2007 Ayrshire District Second Place, Highest Marks in Acting. Young Oxted Players - 2008 Southern Counties Drama Festival Runners Up, Best Junior Entry, Best Young Actress, Best Young Actor, Best Stage Presentation; 2008 AETF Southern Division Best Technical Presentation. Blairgowrie Junior Players - 2010 SCDA Perthshire District Youth Winners; 2010 SCDA Northern Division Final Second Place. Aberdour Players Youth - 2010 SCDA Fife District Youth Final Best Moment of Theatre. Saltburn '53 Drama Group - 2013 AETF Saltburn Drama Festival Best Production, Best Youth Production, Best Youth Actress & Actor, Audience Award; 2013 AETF North East of England Quarter Final Best Youth Performers. Kegworth Players Youth Arts - 2013 NANDA Youth Festival Runners Up, Highly Commended Performers. Dolman Theatre Works - 2014 DAW Gwent Festival Best Youth Production, Best Youth Performer. Birchvale Players Juniors- 2014 SCDA Stewartry District Youth Winners; 2014 SCDA Western Division Youth Final Winners; 2014 SCDA Scottish National Finalists. Saltburn '53 Drama Group - 2014 Sedgefield Festival Youth Award, Best Under 21 Performers, Best 30 Seconds Award, Audience Appreciation Award. Didcot Phoenix Drama Group Senior Youth - 2015 Oxfordshire Drama Network Festival Punters Prize; 2015 Wallingford Drama Festival Overall Winners, Best Youth Production, Best Individual Performance, Punters Prize. Stars Drama Club - 2017 Wigtown District Festival Second Place.



(Stagescripts Ltd.)

Fraser is in prison, having stabbed his former friend Rab in the mistaken belief that Rab had betrayed him to the police. Bugs, Lexy and Delia were involved in the events leading up to the stabbing incident, and a year later they unexpectedly meet. Arguments and accusations follow – until they hear that Fraser has escaped. Fraser’s attempts to track them down and discover the truth lead to unlikely alliances, violent confrontations and ultimate heartbreak.

3m 2f - Fraser, Bugs, Lexy, Rab, Delia


(Stagescripts Ltd.)

*Writing Award Winner* - third in the Youth Section of the 2004 Scottish Community Drama Association Play On Words competition

Fraser is the ultimate bully, leading his teenage gang in racial attacks and hounding anyone who dares to challenge him. Then Rab meets Delia, an incomer to the area who encourages him to challenge Fraser's racist views. Bugs and Lexy, Rab's ex-girlfriend, are forced to examine their own beliefs when Fraser stabs an immigrant. Thinking Rab has betrayed him to the police, Fraser rushes headlong towards confrontation and tragedy.

3m 2f - Fraser, Bugs, Lexy, Rab, Delia, non-speaking victims

" exceptional play. This is indeed powerful drama, and particularly cogent at this time of the rapidly developing gun culture amongst the younger generation." (Amateur Stage) "an excellent play ... a strong message ... a terrifying ending ..." (Scene)

*Festival Awards* - Young Portonian Theatre Company - 2005 Falkirk District Second Place; 2005 Eastern Division Final Best Portrayal of a Play depicting Scottish Life and Character; 2005 Eastern Division Youth Final Winners; 2005 Scottish National Youth Finalist. Elgin Amateur Dramatic Society (Youth) - 2013 Moray Arts Festival Best Youth Production & Best Youth Performance.

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